30 May 2012 ~ 5 Comments

Educational Hotels

I see the future of travel for the discerning traveler as moving more into the educational travel space.  Imagine hotels with professors-in-residence, curated happy hour discussions on current issues and ethical debates, in-room learning opportunities through iPads or touch screens linking to unique learning tours, nightly guest lectures, hands-on workshops, a co-working space where local innovators and thought-leaders mix with traveling intellectuals, and communal eating areas where local produce fuels the system. I believe these types of spaces will drive collaboration and be the basis of future networks and businesses.

Through our years with PEPY Tours, moving it from a “voluntourism” organization to a development educational company, we have been able to offer bespoke educational experiences for travelers (which is where a lot of the ideas above came from). Our team has seen the power and appeal of educational travel first hand and have talked about the idea of an educational hotel chain for a number of years now. PEPY Tours own digital superhero, Wei Peng, and other wonderful friends, helped put this idea on “paper” as we entered it into a design contest.  If you like the idea too, please rate it high (click on the image above or click here).  If you like this concept and want to be involved in making more of these educational hotel spaces and learning centers, drop a note!

  • Jesper Lejfjord

    Very interesting Daniela! I´ll drop you an email..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DGTCRFXPEQTVCBKCFM23ELRL34 Demon

    Really good.. I didn’t knew about this before…

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  • http://ardnasidhe.com/manor-country-house-ireland.html Manor House Hotels

    That is really a very smart technique for the travelers to learn even when they are away from their place. As, the world is getting more and more advance these days so this formula will surely helps the travelers to be updated with latest trend and technologies. 

  • http://twitter.com/durSmile Dur:)

    Woow! Love the idea!! Starting with a course/chat about volunteering and responsible travel. How many things we could make througth that! Even a data base of ideas to improve process in our hometowns!

  • Seb

    There is right now a similar project in Germany going on. Not in Hotels but in tents: ideen hoch 3 and their “Ideen erfahren” tour: http://www.ideenhochdrei.org/de/angebot/raum-fur-inspiration/radtour-ideen-erfahren/ (sorry only in german). But there are also experts where the participants ride to and they give the group inputs about their expertises eg. passive housing, sustainable banking, renewable energy sources, etc.