17 November 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Writing Guidelines for International Development (an internal document at PEPY)

This is a presentation I made in 2011 before I left the Director role at PEPY, an education and youth leadership organization in Cambodia. It combined a few documents we had made over the years to help staff and interns align their writing style with our views on international development.  Another former PEPY staff member recently sent it back to me (Thank you, Anna!) and I realized that a lot of the messages in here were still relevant in my current job.  I thought I’d post it here in case this is useful for anyone else in their own international development related writing or for those creating similar guidelines for their own organizations.

In a time when the US is reeling from the recent elections and when the veracity of news publications, as well as ego, are being called into question, some of these guidelines might hit home.  Hope you find it useful!