29 April 2012 ~ 1 Comment

Band-aid Solutions

This Aid Band-Aid was designed by Daniela Kon and her team at Deeda Productions for our beta website of “Investing Time in People“.  Check it out:

The website’s function right now is to just hold the space for lessons and stories from people who have experienced the impact of development work with a focus on human capacity building and “investing time in people” (as opposed to giving things away). All of us involved in this project feel that we have made mistakes in the way that we have given our time and money and, by sharing what we have learned, hope to influence positive changes in how others approach social sector work. We’re not sure if we’ll take this further, turn it into an ad campaign, or partner with other organizations, but for the time being, this site is holding the space for all of those possibilities. If you are interested in this work in any way, be in touch! In the meantime, feel free to pass on this band-aid image to anyone who you think might need to be reminded to think differently about aid!

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