30 November 2011 ~ 0 Comments

A monthly window into an organization

I don’t usually link to PEPY’s monthly newsletter in my blog, but the song from the PEPY Tours video in here won’t get out of my head, so I thought I’d infect you with it too.  (Click on the image to see the newsletter)

Yep, that song is a Khmer rap song. Yep, it’s pretty awesome. Do YOU wanna ride with us? Awwwww, yeah…. I hope it will be in your head all day too so you can spread the Khmer rap love around the world.

Making a monthly newsletter at PEPY is something we have been doing since 2005 and you can watch the progress and change of our vision and learnings if you flip through old additions. We’ve kept up this practice over the years as we believe that having a monthly newsletter is more valuable than just a platform to connect with supporters. It’s a way to share the lessons we have learned, reach out to other NGOs working in similar sectors, give travelers information about global philanthropy issue, and allow us to highlight a place which often gets media coverage with a different bias through a new window.  Read up, ride with us or at least sing the song, and let me know if/how you’d like to see the PEPY newsletter improve to add more value in the world :-)