01 August 2011 ~ 0 Comments

10 Lessons from PEPY (presentation)

I am about to do a presentation to students from Yonsei University about leadership as it relates to humanitarian work and my experience at PEPY/PEPY Tours. This is a part of the presentation, adapted in part from my 20 Lessons I Learned post.

Thought I would share it in a pretty format! Also, it’s a good reminder for ME to use these lessons. I am a better “teacher” than I am “doer” of some of these, and I need to remember to practice what I preach! It goes to show, just because we know a better way, does not mean we do! But, as with anything, I think the more we try and the more talk about it, the more we adapt these improvements to our own actions.

Next week we have strategic planning sessions in Cambodia for our board and management team at PEPY… we’ll try to keep these lessons (and more!) in mind as we set priorities for our future!

Thanks to @jenrikay who did a lot of this design work and has been teaching me how to make my slides less boring!