11 October 2010 ~ 0 Comments

The Power of Ownership

Less than two weeks ago, the day after I landed in the US for a month-long trip of meetings/fundraising/family, I got a call from our staff in the Siem Reap office. They wanted to know if it was ok for them to pursue a new idea they had come up with which they were calling “The Power of 10“.

Their idea was to create a powerful video which would inform people about why we do the work we do at PEPY – to gather interest, support, and awareness.  They wanted to launch it on 10/10/10.

I suggested we wait until 11/11/11…. how would it be possible to get this off the ground in only 12 days? They expressed how much they REALLY wanted to try, and I told them to go ahead, thinking it would be nearly impossible to find an animator to do what we were looking for in such a short amount of time.

But, they did it.  The team in Siem Reap worked through the weekends and their holiday this week, they found an animator, and they made a new website: www.jointhepowerof10.org and they did it because they believed in this idea and they owned it.  It was their idea to push it and their idea to make it huge.  And they have reminded me to be more optimistic, that huge things CAN happen, if people are passionate and have ownership in their ideas.

Thanks to the PEPY team who put 12 days of work into making this happen, Soe who made yet another beautiful website for PEPY, Rick who made the animation at lighting speed, and Tess who did our logo and branding. With only $75 invested in this project and a lot of volunteer hours, this sites is proof that saying yes to peoples big ideas a way to empower them to make the ideas come true.  I’m excited to see where this leads us…..!

We’d love it if you would “Join the Power of 10“.