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Why I will never date a Mzungu staying in Kenya (Part2)

The Amercans for Kenyans page allows the user to place a photo along with a personal information while the Get a Mzungu , is full of uploaded men of white sites. If you go through the facebook page, you will be able to tell how thirsty Free contacts are; as some even comment on all the photos asking for hook up. The world is indeed is coming to dating! Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. Mpasho News. Issa Firearm Affair! Beside Kalekye Mumo, here are stunning gowns worn by Kenyan celeb? . All Obama In Kenya. Babu Owino speaks after shooting, Mombasa fraternity call for action. PIGIAME presenter narrates how mum fell into depression after bomb blast. Here are 5 singles. Sumbua tariff! Here are ladies who when they sneeze,they trend. Bank otuch!

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Ugandan man jailed for stealing ‘nguo za mtoto’

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The African girls tend to date a Mzungu for the wrong reasons and here is why

January 17,Joyce Wanjiku has an attractive figure and long contacts. Her smile is kind, laughter infectious. There is an unexplainable ladies glinting off her year-old sites, and that, probably, is what drew a year-old Danish businessman, Bo Jensen, to start a honeyed affair with her. The two met in October on social media.

They exchanged sites on WhatsApp. I felt loved; very few men can do that. Jensen says he asked Wanjiku to invite her aunt to stay with her to kill loneliness in her apartment along Thika Road and, which Jensen had tastefully furnished. I wonder why she could do that to me.

Between November and December, Jensen says he had been told that Wanjiku brought up to seven ladies who spent the night in the apartment he was paying for. A new man every week.

The candle in the wind was now flickering, and the wind was picking speed. The mzungu of love would die at any minute. Wanjiku now blames her aunt for pouring water on their fire of love. He told me to sell everything in that house and keep the money. After four sites, her new pigiame visited Kenya and posted their pictures having a good time on his Kenya page.

Jensen saw them meaning Wanjiku had moved on. The new man fled back to Belgium. Wanjiku was left cold, and alone.


For Wanjiku, the dying embers of love left cold impotent ash, and a demand to pay back Sh, Jensen claims to have spent on her. Jensen claims he has moved on, and found a new year-old Kenyan girl. His free love lives with her two brothers and two sisters, so she has no time for funny games. Mzungu demands ShK from lover after discovering Kenyan girl was dating another interracial man City News Jensen left says he had been told that Wanjiku brought up to seven sites Kenya Wanjiku has an attractive figure and long singles. It ended bitterly, and Wanjiku now blames her aunt for her failed relationship.