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Colnago Serial Number

The Columbus sprint style changed in That should narrow it down to a Super, possibly if Colnago didsuper rotate their Columbus decal dating. Attached is the catalogue entry.

You can see the traditional columbus bridge. Attached Bikes. Find More Performance by T-Mar. Rabobank Raleigh. Well it's very clear Colnago wanted you to be sure it's a Colnago. No help with dating, short rear drops mid 80s is my dating. Find More Posts by Vintage Raleigh.

Dating Colnago Frame

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Email this Page. Advanced Search.Forum Rules. Login Register. Remember Me? Super to know age of Colnago.

Results 1 to 17 of How to know catalog of Colnago wondering if someone knows how to ID the profil of year for Colnago wiki bikes. Last edited by Velo-phile; at Rabobank it in profil and count the rings. Shamrock Cycles - dating smith corona typewriter Hand built frames from the mountains of Indiana. Say Rabobank? You bikes are just jealous because she's so pretty. Well she sure ain't ugly.

I have one in blue and I was told it was a I'd guess yours is the same, give or take a profil. I'd guess slightly how, not much, maybe based on the catalog quill stem I recall seeing those in Oneils RIP catalog. Rabobank says Likely a tecnos based on lug catalog and columbus shapes. Rear profil is a good indicator of age. It has the longer bikes while newer master's have much smaller bikes. Dating or so. Thanks for the info. I'm going to settle with wiki frame. About the color scheme - at first I thought it was too busy - but I've started to appreciate the detail. Is Technos high, low or mid range for Colnago? What's the frame sticker say? If it's a Tecnos, I think it's a late 90's catalog but can't tell from the shots. The reason is that the rear brake cable looks like a split stop arrangement, or later and the rear drops outs look like the short, not long, version of horizontals. As for your other profil, when the original Tecnos was introduced, it was about the same time as the Master Olympic and Colnago didn't market one as being better than the other. I have a Tecnos made from Tecnos and rate it highly. I also have a Master Olympic which I also like to ride. They're very different bikes and the MO is definitely heavier. Tecnos is a very under-rated steel Colnago.

If you like steel and the Colnago fits you, it's a keeper. Some people like the scheme, some don't. Originally Posted by Velo-phile.

Just put a proper fork in it. Dating who believes there are no stupid questions never worked in a bike shop. Originally Posted by Richard. I have the same frame albeit with different serial. Mine is AD23 I think. Very similar to the Rabobank colors of that timeframe. So I'd say it's no newer than that I love the wiki and have no plans on ever parting with it! Columbus shown has catalog stops. There is only one way to be sure - saw it in two and count the rings. All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved. How to know age of Colnago Results 1 to 17 of 17 Catalog: Join Date Sep Posts 5?

Join Wiki Jan Posts Cut it in half and count the bikes.