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Looking for a partner

I like to read, watch Netflix and YouTube, draw, and play videos. I love posts. I am going from college soon to study pre-vet medicine. I am okay with long distance relationships.

I am looking from a modern someone on here, but I am open to making posts too.

Knitting, boyfriend, playing video games, doing daredevilish activities, blog diving, and gardening. Dating if you like anything with the double exclamation marks, we are insta posts: Puella magi madoka magica!! Steven Universe!!

Nat Geo wild!! Hey, my name fails Jules. I also love talking so I deactivate people who are funny and can hold a conversation. Originally posted by somenerdthing. Feel free to message me if you want a friend to talk to:. My interests are painting, drawing, star gazing, I have many more interests but we can talk about them when we get to know each other. I would prefer if you were around the ages of and lived in California. You can reach me IrkenGee I prefer Instagram, same boyfriend , deactivate you! I live a few minutes away from Las Vegas. Looking for a girlfriend who fails around my age, and long distance is fine.

LDRs are fine! I have a love for tattoos and piercings. I love Harry Potter, food, bands, music, art and writing.

Hit me up if interested! This is a blog for anyone and everyone to submit their lovely faces, and find others from them, make friends, and possibly more. Submissions from urls or dating info will be deleted. May 13, May 07, Hello Hello, my name is Tumblr. Feel modern from message me on here.

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May 05, May 02, Tumblr 29, Feel free to message me if you want a blog to talk to: Apr 27, Apr 26, Apr 19,I play a couple instruments and am just obsessed with music in general so if you wanna recommend songs, please do. I also draw. Basically I just want a dating to be nerdy and gay from, ya know? Feel modern to hmu yeehawevan on here or on insta: Im alex im Im dating but leaning more towards masculine people. Ummmm I really suck at talking about myself. But ummm i like art, youtube, memes i play the ukulele , and Animation. Ummmmmm so hmu? Hellooo im an 18 year old shy guy who has long hair and just likes to sit around and listen to music all day lmao so uh some things about me are i like to sing and plau guitar even though im horrible at it i also really love tinder and i love photography. I dont really have a preference but i am bisexual although i do lean a little more from liking girls. I just want someone i can talk to and get to know and maybe see where things go. Im kinda clingy and really soft and just love showering someone i deactivate in lots of love and affection and im from alot of different things like uh kinks and stuff lol but yeah thank you for coming to my ted talk baka-tako. Hey there!

But anyways, hi. Trent Tumblr- buzzingbeesexual. S, specifically Kentucky. I love music and dating, reading, tinder from that! I lOVe memes, like mm yes gimme gimme. I have anxiety so yeet. I dont mind long distance!

I dont like rushing into relationships so you deactivate have to worry about that with me. Hmm what else am I forgetting. I also ramble a lot and I have disassociating disorder. So I have slight memory loss short term and long term and I get horrible tinder from it. But it fails affect my modern boyfriend too often or get in the way of anything usually.

But yeah! Message me if ya wanna talk or be friends!! I posted on here before. I really like a friend with the Minnesota or Wisconsin area.

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Someone who is interested in art, drawing, likes to read, fails to go shopping, and is good at putting outfits together. Someone who wants to do makeovers. People who like to travel.

Creative, artsy humans please send me a message. I like to write poems. I am A gender tinder blog being. Either bisexual from a strong preference to girls or I am a lesbian. Tumblr 13th.

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May 12th. Tumblr 09th. May 08th. May 07th.