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25 February 2010 ~ 32 Comments

Voluntourism: What could go wrong when trying to do right?

I am lucky to have a guest blog post on Saundra’s ever-growing-in-popularity Good Intentions are Not Enough blog.  I have been a fan of her writing and her philosophies for some time, so I was delighted for the chance to add some of my thoughts to her work. Here is the original post and below […]

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20 February 2010 ~ 30 Comments

Traveling Responsibly – Learning Trips Over Giving Trips?

This is a guest blog post which was originally featured on the Travelanthropist website. Our trips during our first few years at PEPY were all about service. We were enthusiastic about offering travelers a chance to give back to the places they visited, otherwise known as voluntourism. Tour participants taught classes at local schools, visited […]

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19 February 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Haiti – want to go for spring break? (nope!)

Join in our conversation on VoluntourismGal’s website about volunteering in Haiti:

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09 February 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Not All Volunteer Projects are Created Equal

I have been blogging elsewhere recently, so I wanted to link some of them here. This blog post was written for The International Business Council (IBC) blog and can be found in it’s original form here. The IBC and PEPY Tours in Cambodia When running a start-up organization, you are always looking for volunteers, people […]

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13 January 2010 ~ 5 Comments

Why adventure companies (and others) fail (or cause harm) with voluntourism

Alexia Nestora, aka “Voluntourism Gal”, recently put up a post called “Why Adventure Travel Companies Fail with Voluntourism”.  It has generated a lot of feedback and discussion. I wanted to pass it on here and encourage others to join in the discussion: My thoughts: I would argue that this list is missing the main […]

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02 January 2010 ~ 3 Comments

Criticism in our Business Sector is GOOD! (if it is deserved)

I had meant to post this when I first commented on this blog, but then I guess I forgot.  Today I was speaking with someone about criticism in their business sector, and it reminded me of this posting. I think we should not be afraid when people criticize the sector in which we work if […]

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22 December 2009 ~ 37 Comments

More orphanage tourism (No!)

I recently tried to post a comment in response to this listing on Trip Advisor which encourages visits to orphanages while traveling in Siem Reap. As my comment was not  a review of the area, it was not approved, so I am posting it here. — I am writing in response to a post stating […]

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