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05 September 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Visualizing Change

Sometimes we need to be able to visualize the changes we want to see in the world or in our own lives in order to figure out how to get there.  Other times we can imagine the end goal, but we need help with the development of the process or the discipline to reach a […]

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01 September 2010 ~ 85 Comments

Do not ask me if your 17 year-olds can get paid to “volunteer” with us

UGH! I am SO fed up with these “pay to volunteer” organizations making money and taking in young gap-year kids and then “offering” them to us as employees where we “only need to cover their living expenses.”  REALLY?  You want me to take your unskilled 17 year-old, play babysitter for a few months as they […]

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05 August 2010 ~ 31 Comments

How do YOU define “Responsible Travel”?

I recently wrote a piece about PEPY Tours on World Nomad’s website.  I am reposting it below as it relates to a lot of the themes of this blog: Responsible Giving, voluntourism, Cambodia, etc Fast Five Profile: PEPY Tours One of the PEPY riders on her bike for Cambodian based PEPY Tours 1. Who are […]

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25 July 2010 ~ 42 Comments

Process vs Product Driven Development Models

I loved this piece!  It is not only the part where Christopher London says “A building can’t teach.” when referencing donating school buildings that resonated with me, but his whole conclusion that product-driven development might sometimes be easier but less effective. Sing it, Christopher! (I wrote to his organization to get approval to re-post this […]

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19 February 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Haiti – want to go for spring break? (nope!)

Join in our conversation on VoluntourismGal’s website about volunteering in Haiti:

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09 February 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Not All Volunteer Projects are Created Equal

I have been blogging elsewhere recently, so I wanted to link some of them here. This blog post was written for The International Business Council (IBC) blog and can be found in it’s original form here. The IBC and PEPY Tours in Cambodia When running a start-up organization, you are always looking for volunteers, people […]

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09 February 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Changing Attitudes and Actions: Takes more than Giving Things

Maryann Fernandez of Philanthropy Indaba invited me to be a guest blogger on her site this week, and I was delighted to have the opportunity to share some more thoughts on “giving things”. You can see the post can see on the Philanthropy Indaba blog, and I have copied it below as well. Please comment […]

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