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14 June 2010 ~ 7 Comments

TEDx Talk

Here is a (poor quality) video of the TEDxBKK talk I did a few months back. I am speaking about “giving things” away vs. investing time in people. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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31 May 2010 ~ 5 Comments

Why do you hate SCALE so much?

I don’t. I want to clarify. My piece in Beyond Profit called “Much Ado About Scale” was intended to be anti-scale. If we can scale a quality solution: fabulous! It was intended to encourage other ways of looking at reaching more people with our ideas, rather than just trying to encourage organizations to “scale up” […]

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29 April 2010 ~ 11 Comments

Much Ado About Scale

A few months ago I was involved in a long discussion about hybrid organizations on Social Edge. From that conversation, I ended up writing a post called “Dear Social Entrepreneurship Thought Leaders” about my views on the metrics and definitions we are using for social enterprises. Recently, I was lucky enough to be asked to synthesize these […]

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21 April 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Reasons to Photo-Fast

This is a guest post by Eric Lewis: “Take lots of pictures!” It’s something we hear just about every time we leave for someplace exotic. Family and friends want to experience our adventures vicariously, and who can blame them? Photographs preserve certain moments—priceless scenes and scenarios that evade verbal description. But every action has an […]

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25 February 2010 ~ 32 Comments

Voluntourism: What could go wrong when trying to do right?

I am lucky to have a guest blog post on Saundra’s ever-growing-in-popularity Good Intentions are Not Enough blog.  I have been a fan of her writing and her philosophies for some time, so I was delighted for the chance to add some of my thoughts to her work. Here is the original post and below […]

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25 February 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Why are so many Gen Y’s Social Entrepreneurs?

This is a comment I originally posted on The Suddes Group post about Generation Y and Social Entrepreneurship.  Why do YOU think this movement is growing? — It is exciting to see so many people living their passions and being willing to work towards the changes they want to see in the world. I agree […]

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20 February 2010 ~ 30 Comments

Traveling Responsibly – Learning Trips Over Giving Trips?

This is a guest blog post which was originally featured on the Travelanthropist website. Our trips during our first few years at PEPY were all about service. We were enthusiastic about offering travelers a chance to give back to the places they visited, otherwise known as voluntourism. Tour participants taught classes at local schools, visited […]

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