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09 February 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Changing Attitudes and Actions: Takes more than Giving Things

Maryann Fernandez of Philanthropy Indaba invited me to be a guest blogger on her site this week, and I was delighted to have the opportunity to share some more thoughts on “giving things”. You can see the post can see on the Philanthropy Indaba blog, and I have copied it below as well. Please comment […]

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14 January 2010 ~ 8 Comments

Donating to a non-profit: Is it all about the free gift?

I see a slippery slope ahead and I fear that donating to non-profits is becoming more and more like shopping for a magazine in the UK.  About 10 years ago I lived in London, and when I would stop at a news stand, I noticed that nearly all of them were wrapped in plastic and […]

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29 December 2009 ~ 7 Comments

Dear Social Entrepreneurship Thought Leaders

This is a comment I posted on the Social Edge blog about hybrid organizations.  I thought I would re-post it here.  If you have the time, read the whole discussion on Social Edge as it is very interesting!  I think there is a big divide in the theory and the reality of social ventures, just […]

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25 December 2009 ~ 2 Comments

Reflecting on 2009

The original post and comments about our end-of-year reflections where in the PEPY Newsletter last week.  Read up to see what we would have done differently in 2009 and what we hope 2010 will look like. Happy New Year! — What do you think your biggest achievements have been this year? MA: Well, I think […]

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22 December 2009 ~ 37 Comments

More orphanage tourism (No!)

I recently tried to post a comment in response to this listing on Trip Advisor which encourages visits to orphanages while traveling in Siem Reap. As my comment was not  a review of the area, it was not approved, so I am posting it here. — I am writing in response to a post stating […]

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18 November 2009 ~ 0 Comments


My friend and colleague, Soe, passed this poem by Martin Niemoller around our office today, drawing the connection to the Khmer Rouge period.  It is a powerful message which I wanted to share with those of you who don’t know the poem, and all of us who should read it again, and again, and again… First […]

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02 November 2009 ~ 8 Comments

What does “international volunteer” mean to you?

vol⋅un⋅teer  [vol-uhn-teer] –noun 1. a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking. 2. a person who performs a service willingly and without pay. It would probably make a lot more sense if we stopped using the title “volunteer” for positions where people are getting paid.  The result is that I have […]

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