15 January 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Cold in Cambodia and OR in Salt Lake

It’s cold in Cambodia. Like, two-sweater I’m-rubbing-my-feet-to-keep-em-circulating cold. I’m sleeping with a thick blanket tonight. What happened to global warming?!

For those of you who are even luckier to be in even colder weather, with more significant mountains, please take some turns for me in the snow. Those of you heading to Salt Lake City this week for the Outdoor Retailer event, PEPY will be represented at the KEEN Footwear fundraising event for Conservation Alliance. Join them for free beer and wine, the chance to buy some great shoes in support of CA, and the chance to win a trip for two on an upcoming PEPY trip!

Say hi to Bryan Kinkade from National Geographic Adventure Magazine who will be representing PEPY for us (we wanted to all drive in the bio-diesel truck over to join, but there wasn’t enough cooking oil around to convert).

Stay tuned for photos of the new truck banners! And those of you at OR, please fill us in on all of the events. We hope YOU win the free PEPY trip!