18 December 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Want to join an educational service trip in Nepal?

My friend Ryan passed on this information about an awesome trek in the Everest Region coming up this April. You should consider joining him, as it sounds like a great cause! Also, if we can work out the technological logistics, The PEPY Ride School program might be joining the journey virtually via the Connecting Continents Project. Check it all out at: www.mtnprofessionals.com

This March, Ryan Waters and Dave Elmore, founders of Mountain Professionals, will trek through the Khumbu region near Mount Everest launching the Connecting Continents Project in order to bridge together the gap between local and foreign cultures.

The Connecting Continents Team or Ambassadors will not only donate needed supplies, gear, and friendship, but will also be linking schools and classrooms on several continents to each other and to the member school in Nepal. These students will follow along on the journey via dispatches posted to the Connecting Continents Blog. The students will also be interacting with each other via the blog, sharing their countries culture and customs, thus breaking down the barriers of communication and preconceptions between Asian, North American, South American, African and European children.


The Connecting Continents Project focuses on connecting schools, from around the world, to participate and promote understanding of diversity, education and a cross-cultural exchange through one of the most powerful tools on earth, the Internet. This connection will allow under-privileged students and under-funded schools in Nepal the opportunity to participate in an international exchange with other participating schools from Argentina, Norway, USA, United Arab Emirates, Rwanda, and Cambodia. These schools will have the opportunity to participate in an international ‘lesson plan’ which will facilitate the communication of all participating classrooms.

Sharing information about their respective cultures, communities and classrooms, teachers will help facilitate the classroom participation. As the ‘Connecting Continents’ trek occurs, participating classrooms will be following along as trekkers post information about their experiences and facilitating the ‘lesson plan’, which will be, focused questions that classrooms will be answering from their respective viewpoint(s)

In conjunction with connecting classrooms, Mountain Professionals will be facilitating all in country participation. Everest Base Camp trekkers will be the ‘Connecting Continents Ambassadors’, delivering computers to participating schools in Kathmandu and the remote Khumbu region. Participants will also be visiting schools along the trek, delivering much needed resources for schools.