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30 May 2012 ~ 5 Comments

Educational Hotels

I see the future of travel for the discerning traveler as moving more into the educational travel space.  Imagine hotels with professors-in-residence, curated happy hour discussions on current issues and ethical debates, in-room learning opportunities through iPads or touch screens linking to unique learning tours, nightly guest lectures, hands-on workshops, a co-working space where local […]

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05 April 2012 ~ 0 Comments

How to create large scale systematic change: The Jeff Skoll Group (from #SkollWF)

Walking through the Skoll World Forum last week was like watching the ingredients to make a cake get mixed in a bowl. Each had been hand picked and was being mixed together to make something no one part could create on its own. The man mixing the pot is Jeff Skoll, a founder at Ebay […]

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17 February 2012 ~ 2 Comments

The future of travel & life services: Off-Grid Zones

You probably didn’t have access to the internet as a small child. You can remember a world before “social media”. But your kids had Facebook profiles from the womb and, before they could speak, they could maneuver your mini-computer (which you call an iPhone, just to make you feel connected to a past when people […]

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03 January 2012 ~ 6 Comments

Giving things away – when will we learn? (MBAs – take note!)

In business school you are surrounded by people who believe in the power of markets. There are people in my class who are passionate about freeing markets, about scaling enterprises, and about generating profits. Yet some of those SAME people are advocates of giving things away in development work. I have had countless discussions with […]

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17 November 2011 ~ 3 Comments

Financial institutionalization

Clearly, business school is getting the better part of my time and my blog is being neglected. I have though had many posts written in my head….. my fingers just haven’t gotten to typing them! The last real post I wrote was about “social” enterprise and if the “social” is really needed and there were a […]

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03 November 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Pari Project Guest Post: LESSONS LEARNED FROM TEDxPhnomPenh

This is a guest blog post by Allie Hoffman of The Pari Project. Before I left Cambodia, Allie took over the TEDxPhnomPenh license and recently organized a team to execute Cambodia’s second TEDx event. Below she describes our motives for starting this event in the first place, how doing something “for the local people” only […]

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04 October 2011 ~ 6 Comments

Is the “social” needed before the “enterprise”?

I’m starting my first week of classes at the University of Oxford in their MBA program, and I realize that I am not in the minority for having chosen this program because of its connection to the Skoll Center and its focus on “social entrepreneurship.” Many of the people I have met state that some […]

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