05 July 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Your mom

In many parts of Asia, it’s rude to brag about your kids. Actually, in Cambodia, you can’t even brag about other people’s kids, especially when they are small, as bad spirits might take them away for being too fabulous.  But moms…. can you brag about your mom? I guess, with countries that respect age hierarchies, I’d have to ask my mom if I could brag about her…. but she’d say no. (Actually, when she knew that I saw this article online she threatened to kill me if I wrote any form of cheesy comment on the comment chain.)

So, out of respect for my elders, and fear for my life, I will refrain from commenting on the site. Instead, I will post the link here.

Here’s an article about my mom, who just retired. She rocks, no matter if I am allowed to say it or not!


When it comes to “investing time in people”, there is no better way to do that than as an educator, and my mom continues to model that for me, and so many others. If every person just invested in their own kids, and a few others around them, with as much love and time as she does with each student, we’d all believe we could be anything great in the world and then go out and do that….  So, go tell a kid you think they are BRILLIANT today (maybe no need to remind little girls that they are beautiful) – and help them open up to their own possibility of greatness!