02 September 2009 ~ 0 Comments

New PEPY Tours Website

It’s nearly 3am. Our updated PEPY Tours website is about to go live and 4 of us are in the office trying to make that happen. We are feeling the pressure of the fact that supposedly all power will be cut in Siem Reap tomorrow or the next day for two days, so we wanted to get the site live before that happens.

The PEPY literacy camp aimed at training and inspiring 45 teachers from all 8 schools in the commune where we work is starting up again in a few hours. NGO work by day, voluntourism discussions by night, sleep when you’re dead I guess (though I’m sure we’ll all be sleeping a bit late tomorrow).

Let’s hope that by the time (a nicer way to say “if”) you read this, www.pepytours.com will have gone live with it’s new pretty pictures, cleaner format, and PEPY Tours Goals/Vision. Goodnight.