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Join the PEPY cause on facebook!

Please :-)


Join the cause! And let others know about our work in Cambodia! We need your help to spread the word as the way we typically raise money is through our tours – and with both the economy and tourism down, we need your help to be our marketing arm, please thank you!
If you take the time to donate your Facebook status to PEPY – ask your friends to join the PEPY cause, or promote our tours at www.pepytours.com that would be fabulous :-) We don’t have a marketing budget per say, just friends and friends of friends of friends all spreading the word. Our tours are fun and educational and “life changing” – or so they say – and I really believe in the change we are making in education in Cambodia, so if you could spread the word about that, that would be AWESOME. Donate us your status or pass the word on to friends coming to the area whenever you can and I will send you virtual hugs and mangoes from Cambodia.

Chanleas Dai’s first Junior High School building is just being completed, because of so many of you so THANK YOU! We are still short of funding for the programs at the school, and as a school is only as valuable as the education going on within it, keep on spreadin’ the word friends! THANK YOU!

Big hugs from Siem Reap,


Status ideas:
This is a cause I believe in! My friends are working to improve access to quality education in rural Cambodia. Please join the cause and tell your friends about it! http://apps.facebook.com/causes/301404?m=b1beac29

Did you know that you wanted to cycle across Cambodia, or take a bike and boat tour across South East Asia’s largest lake – all for the cause of education and a chance to learn a TON? Well, if you know you do now, you should visit this website www.pepytours.com

or just, http://apps.facebook.com/causes/301404?m=b1beac29 :-)